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Well, Hello there!

As I began trying to write my first president's message of 2016, I found myself reflecting on my few years within the chapter, since joining in 2013.  I entered as a director, almost from my first meeting and served for two years.  During my first year, I was thrilled to pass the CDT exam.  That achievement was extremely rewarding for me and I continue to recommend everyone pursue the various certifications provided by CSI.  I was then honored to be asked to serve as president-elect for the 2015 term.  And this year, I find myself following in a long line of presidents that have served this chapter since the first group began in 1959.  For 57 years and counting, the CSI Richmond chapter has been represented by a diverse and dynamic group of individuals from every facet of the construction industry.  It is this level of skilled diversity among our membership, that first sparked my interest and has continued to develop my focus for contributing to its success. Our strength as a chapter has been built on the foundation of sharing our various skills, experiences, and knowledge.

I'd like to thank our membership for electing me to serve as the Richmond chapter president for this upcoming year.  As with all beginnings, one can't help but feel a sense of optimism and potential.  I look forward to an exciting new year ahead of us!

I would like to welcome back all of our standing chapter members, as well as extend a welcome to our incoming new members. I urge you all to get involved, attend the events, and experience as much as possible from your membership. We have a great year of educational programs, tours, and networking events. Our dedicated group of Officers and Directors have started planning our yearly calendar, beginning with our New Member Recognition Event in September.  Stay tuned for additional information coming soon!


Please enjoy your summer!


Steven L'Heureux, AIA, CDT