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President’s Message

By Winnie Ma Sung

January 22, 2015

Happy New Year!  2015 is going to be a great year for Richmond CSI.   We have many educational programs set for this year.   BODs and volunteers have worked hard to find the right topic to go with the right venue for our upcoming programs.  “Gray areas between disciplines” panel discussion will be the February meeting with the Women-In- Design.  “CDT Jeopardy game night” will be in March where we plan to have fun while learning about project delivery.  In April when the weather warms up, we will be having a hard hat tour at the VCU Children’s hospital.  Product Show will be in May and we will finish this year off with Award banquet in June.

“Gray areas between disciplines” will discuss the potential gaps between design disciplines.  The gaps or gray areas between professionals performing their traditional roles in the construction process are common cause for construction change order, and they could become potential liabilities when there is a construction failure. Richmond CSI would like to give the opportunity to design disciplines, contractors and professionals to dialogue to see how these gaps could be minimized in projects. The panel will consist of an architect, civil engineer, contractor, mechanical engineer, and insurance agent discussing the gray areas that disciplines and trades could overlook.  Anne Durkin, board of director, will be the moderator.  MB contractor is one of the main event sponsor.  The panel discussion will be our second joint event with the Women-In-Design this year. 

Construction coordination is a complex process that requires communication across disciplines.  CSI is a unique organization that encourages and provides opportunities for different professionals to be in one organization and to plan educational or social events that encourage cross-disciplines communication.  Next year, Joe Oglesby, the president-elect, who is an attorney as well as an engineer, will lead the organization to the next level.  Joe is currently working as the risk manager for Hankins and Anderson.  His term of presidency will begin on July 1.  The nominating committee will prepare a list of nominees for the three new board members and the different officer positions by Feb 20.  This list of nominees will be presented to the Chapter during the March Chapter meeting.  Each voting member will be provided with an electronic ballot via email. The ballots will be counted no later than the end of April.  Chapter Secretary will then notify the Institute of the new officers and BODs for the coming year no later than April 30th.