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President’s Message 
By Winnie Ma Sung
December 23, 2014

The Past Presidents and Holiday Party was a great success, and we had a good turn out with over 30 attendees including 9 past presidents.   The Hors d’oeuvres were delicious.  Thanks to Barbe Shaffer for making the food arrangement , and Ken Cordo for his help with inviting the past presidents.  

One of the past president from the Holiday Party asked me how the presidency has been so far.  In reflection, it has been a good year with great many successful programs.  The Chapter focused on advancing building knowledge, and we held monthly meeting to promote the CSI mission and to provide opportunities for social networking.  The different venues were effective in reaching out to different age groups and professions. People working in the state government appreciate CSI holding the monthly lunch and learn event at the Monroe building.

This year we had over twenty people taken the CDT certification exams.  People who studied for the CSI certifications appreciate learning the CSI method in producing clear, correct, concise, and complete construction document.  Richmond CSI is moving in the right direction.  
The chapter has experienced growth and success in recent years because each past president contributed selflessly to the organization.  To plan a successful program requires many people working together.  Every meeting is like putting together a puzzle, trying to figure out how all the pieces will go together.  Someone needs to come up with an idea, discuss the needs, find the speakers, plan the topic, make a flyer, find a venue, order the food, solicit sponsors, respond to email, keep track of the attendees, advertise the event, check the space, promote the event, greet the attendees and attend the event.  To get a chapter meeting going each month requires many volunteer hours.  I am very thankful to each of the BODs and officers who devoted their time and energy to the Richmond CSI.  I am also grateful to the past presidents who devoted endless hours in making Richmond CSI the best construction education organization to belong to. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!