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President’s Message

By Winnie Ma Sung

November 23, 2014

The Sustainable Development through Rehabilitation panel discussion this month was another successful event.  We had over 35 people attended, including architects, landscape architects, engineers, contractors, attorney and product representatives.  Bob Burns, Mimi Sadler, Rebecca Aarons Sydnor, David Auman and John Dunlap gave us an informative and in-depth discussion on sustainable development in the Richmond area. The panel speakers contributed their personal experience in their area of expertise. Lori Garrett raised questions that were relevant to the topic.  I was impressed with the leaderships and talents we have here in the Richmond construction community.  And no doubt, the breakfast food was hot and delicious, absolutely perfect for the freezing temperature that morning.

Steve L’Heureux did an amazing job in pulling together the Sustainable Development panel discussion this month, while I was in California for almost two weeks.   He made arrangement at the science museum and invited the panelist speakers and the moderator.  On top of it, he reviewed the questions with Lori and me to make sure that they were thought provoking and appropriate to the topic. Carissa Mulahn arranged the delicious breakfast and coordinated with the caterer. MaryAnn Petry put together another organized comprehensive attendee spreadsheet.  

I am thankful that our chapter has so many volunteers who just decided to plunge in and took up responsibilities and made sure the pieces came together. Steve mentioned to me that putting a chapter event together is more difficult than what he anticipated because our chapter has not established a set standard as how we do things. I hope we can continue to improve our organization skills and how we run the monthly programs.  Steve will be a great resource for the upcoming events.  I especially want to thank Commonwealth Architects, BMA Flooring, and Knauf Insulation for their financial contribution.  Lastly, I thank the officers, board of directors, and committee chairs in their faithful services to the Chapter.

CSI regional award nominations are due in December.  I think many board members deserve an award.  Unfortunately, the regional awards have a minimum years of continuous service and membership requirement. Don’t drop your membership for a year or two.  CSI does recognize continuous services to the organization. Taekia Glass has been working with Ken Cordo, and they reviewed every candidate who might qualify for an award.  We hope Richmond will win a few more awards this year.

Next month we will be voting for the MidAtlantic Region Institute Director.  We have two qualify candidates, and they are Margaret Chewning who is the MidAtlantic Region President and Marvin Kemp who served as Baltimore Chapter President.  Margaret has been the Regional President for the last two terms and she taught a full day CDT preparation class for our chapter last year.  Marvin has served as the Baltimore Chapter President, Chapter Secretary and a national CSI Leader.  The candidate who will be the Institute Director serving from the MidAtlantic Region will represent the interest of all Chapters. We should take time and review the qualifications of the potential regional directors carefully and choose one who will best serve the Institute.