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President’s Message #2                                Winnie Ma Sung                                              August 14, 2014

What is the mission of CSI

There is a misconception that one needs to be involved in construction specifications to be an effective CSI member.  CSI is not only for specifiers.  CSI is about advancing building knowledge and improving project delivery.  Two years ago, CSI has gone through a rebranding, and it no longer stands for Construction Specification Institute.  CSI was founded in March 1948 to improve the quality of construction specifications. This vision has led to the development of specification best practices, organization of standards/formats, professional education, and certification.  These developments attracted diverse group of professionals to join the organization.  CSI realized that the organization direction has gone beyond just to improve construction specifications, and it has expanded to improve the facility performance which included project delivery systems, construction administrations, building science, specifications, sustainable design, building information system, and facility management.  Consequently, the new CSI mission has been modified to advance building information management and education of project teams to improve facility performance.

What does it mean to be a CSI member?

While there are many organizations that promote homogenous memberships, CSI is the only organization that promotes advancement in the quality of construction through diverse membership. CSI consists of a diverse group of professionals. Through education, the entire project team could improve the facility performance.  Hence education has always been the primary focus of the local chapters.  Richmond CSI strives to serve the community by providing educational opportunities for people to learn and to encourage communication through networking.  The Chapter provides a variety of programs including lunch and learn sessions, panel discussions, seminars and social events. CSI members have access to membership directories across the country, and can meet other professionals in conferences.   Being a member means that you could actively participate in the advancement of building knowledge.  Participating in chapter meetings could bring knowledgeable product representatives and experienced contractors to the trusted design professionals, and together they could multiply business opportunities.  

Would you like to serve on the Board of Directors?

Serving on the CSI board takes time and commitment, but it is the best way to grow professionally.  CSI has a great leadership training program for board members. Every year the regional board put together a Leadership Orientation Seminar with different training programs to help new board members learn about CSI and the board’s roles and responsibilities. Successes and challenges are shared by other chapters.  Serving on the board will help develop a wide range of skills including budgeting, marketing, communication, training, and public speaking.  Board members should match their talents and interests to specific committees, and they can achieve greater success by directly involve in many of the operations. Lastly, they will have the opportunities to expand their circles of influence.