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By Winnie Ma Sung

July 26, 2014

The immediate past chapter president Ken Cordo has done an amazing job for the chapter last year.  He led the way for the first higher education panel discussion, and people still reminisced how successful it was.  The Interbake apartment building hard hat tour was memorable for those of us who got to see the chimney units and ate hot dogs in the windy parking lot.   The first CDT boot camp had over 20 attendees, and 12 people passed the CDT certification exam including himself.   As Ken handed over his presidency baton to me, I realized how much he has accomplished and how proficient he was in carrying out his tasks. It is difficult to follow his footsteps.  Fortunately, I am blessed with a wonderful group of Board of Directors (BOD) for this coming fiscal year.  Most of the BODs are new to the CSI organization; yet their enthusiasm to help and their passion to take up the challenges are contagious.  The photo and profile of each BOD and chairperson will be posted on the website.  We’ll strive to carry out the Richmond CSI mission through chapter programs to advance building knowledge.

Planning is an essential part of every successful organization.  In July, the board of directors held the first strategic planning meetings to set priorities and to adjust the chapter’s direction.   Even with the torrential rain and horrified traffic jam, fourteen members attended the meeting. Topics for each month’s chapter program were chosen based on the interest of the members. The programs will include CM at-risk panel discussions, bid day event, historical preservation and sustainable design, grilling the product rep, grey areas between disciplines, hard hat tour and product show. We will create opportunities for the product representative to promote their innovation products and for members to discuss and exchange information. We will have joint meetings with other organizations to strengthen our collaboration with other professionals. 

Richmond CSI will continue the monthly Friday lunch and learn sessions at the Monroe Building.  The program envisioned by Robert Vaughn three years ago enabled us to bring the CSI mission to advance building knowledge to people who were not able to attend the monthly evening chapter meetings.  Robert saw the opportunity to provide continued educations to a large of group people who work in downtown.  Through his endeavor we started the downtown lunch and learn session at the Bank of America building.  It was a great success with building/government officials, contractors, architects, product reps and engineers meeting together once a month.  Last year Lynden Garland planned and coordinated the entire lunch and learn series for the year, and the program was very well received in the community.  We are very happy to inform you that we have another year’s lunch and learn programs planned for this coming year.